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Easily clip, save and share what you find with family and friends. Easily download and save what you find. American journalist, best known for 26 walter savitch c++ pdf of award-winning work on the CBS News television program 60 Minutes.

Bradley was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His parents divorced when he was two years old, after which he was raised by his mother, Gladys, who worked two jobs to make ends meet. Bradley, who was referred to with the childhood name of “Butch Bradley,” was able to see his father in Detroit, in the summertime, who had a vending machine business and owned a restaurant. Bradley’s introduction to news reporting came at WDAS-FM during the riots in Philadelphia in the 1960s.

In 1967 he landed a full-time job at the CBS-owned New York radio station WCBS. In 1974 he moved to Washington, D. 1978, when he was invited to move to CBS Reports, where he served as principal correspondent until 1981. Over the course of Bradley’s 26 years on 60 Minutes, he did over 500 stories, covering nearly every possible type of news, from “heavy” segments on war, politics, poverty, and corruption, to lighter biographical pieces, or stories on sports, music, and cuisine. On the show, Bradley was known for his sense of style.

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He was the first male correspondent to regularly wear an earring on the air. He had his left ear pierced in 1986 and says he was inspired to do it after receiving encouragement from Liza Minnelli following an interview with the actress. Bradley never had children, but was married to Haitian-born artist Patricia Blanchet, whom he had met at a museum where she was working as a docent. In the early 1970s, Bradley had a brief romantic relationship with Jessica Savitch, who at that time was an administrative assistant for CBS News and later became an NBC News anchor. After the relationship ended, Bradley and Savitch continued to have a non-romantic social and professional relationship until her death in 1983. Bradley was known for loving all kinds of music, but he was especially a jazz music enthusiast.

Bradley died on November 9, 2006, at Mount Sinai Hospital, in Manhattan, of complications from lymphocytic leukemia. Bradley was honored in April 2007 with a traditional jazz funeral procession at the New Orleans Jazzfest, of which he was a large supporter. The parade, which took place on the first day of the six-day festival, circled the fairgrounds and included two brass bands. When he was growing up in a working-class neighborhood in Philadelphia, his folks told him he could be anything he wanted to be.