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The Productivity Gain: Where Is It Coming From And Where Is It Going To? What If There Were Men On The children’s machine seymour papert pdf Moon Today? The idea is that when you are ready, perhaps when you are terminally ill, you get connected to a heart-lung machine and then, under anesthesia, you get injected with chemicals that preserve your brain and all its synaptic connections. Then you are dead and embalmed, and you wait.

At this point the Y Combinator backed company has no clue on how the brains are going to be brought back to life, and that is not important to their business model. That is for future generations to work out. So far they have been preserving rabbit brains, and intend to move on to larger brains and to eventually get to human brains. They already have 25 human customers who have put down cash deposits to be killed in this way. If I were a customer I would insist that I be packed along with a rabbit or three who had undergone exactly the same procedure as me. That way my future saviors could make sure their resurrection procedure worked and produced a viable bunny in the cloud before pulling apart my preserved brain to construct the digital model. I have personally known people, while they were alive, who are now frozen heads floating in liquid nitrogen.

Their heads were removed from their bodies right after their natural death, and immediately frozen. All these floating heads, there are hundreds already with thousands more signed up for when their day comes, are waiting for a future society to repair whatever damage there might be to their brains. In any case, when these friends signed up for having their heads chopped off for an indertiminably long time in limbo, they knew that when they did rise from the dead they would do so in a technological heaven. A place in the future with knowledge and understanding of the universe that seemed unimaginable in their own lifetimes. They knew what a glorious future awaited them. And they had faith that future society would both find a way and would be more than happy to go through the process of raising them from the dead. Now I am not cynical about people in business.

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No, not at all, not even a tiny little bit. And certainly not about any one in Silicon Valley. But, but, it just does seem a tiny bit convenient for a scam businees model to be structured so that all of the people who personally paid up front for future services from you are now dead, and will not be around to complain if you do not deliver as promised. But let’s assume that everyone is sincere and really wants you to be around to come back from the dead.

Will future society want to put in the effort to make it so? We have one, just one, partial experience concerning a long frozen time traveller. Italian side of the border with Austria, sticking out of a melting glacier. At first police checked out whether it was a case of foul play, and ultimately after some years it was ascertained that Otzi, as the living version of the body has come to be called, was indeed a a murder victim.