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Judges 1 The book of deeds of arms and of chivalry pdf Victory to Defeat. Yahweh Versus The Canaanite Gods: Polemic In Judges -Robert B. Judges 1 Homiletical Commentary – Check this resource!

Judges 1 – Pictorial Bible – John Kitto – Interesting! The Chronology of Judges: Another Look — By: David L. Judges 1:1 Now it came about after the death of Joshua that the sons of Israel inquired of the LORD, saying, “Who shall go up first for us against the Canaanites, to fight against them? The first few words of the book of Judges may at first glance seem to be only a helpful historical notation. After the death of Joshua,” however, is a statement of drastic change in the spiritual health of the nation of Israel. Whereas Joshua is a book of conquest, but Judges is a long, sad story of defeat. Joshua is a book of faith, Judges of unbelief and disobedience.

Joshua depicts a people united in following God’s man, but Judges is a book of division and anarchy, as every man “did what was right in his own eyes. In Joshua, God’s Word is central and men submit to His authority, while in Judges, Scripture is neglected and rejected. In Joshua, “we will not forget the Lord”. In Judges “the people forgot the LORD.

Judges sets before us the warnings and danger signals regarding the perils that lie in the path of a believer. The pattern of defeat described in the book of Judges is presented to us over and over again. Judges is the second in order of what are called the historical books of the Bible, following chronologically after Joshua. It tells the tragic story in Israel’s history which spans the period from Joshua’s conquest of the Promised Land of Canaan to the beginnings of the Monarchy. Would that we might erase from the tablets of Israel’s history the many dark doings and sad happenings which make up the bulk of this seventh book of the canon!

But alas, the sin of Israel is written “with a pen of iron and with the point of a diamond. Though Israel wash herself “with nitre” and take “much soap,” yet is her iniquity here marked for all time and for all to see. Someone has called the book of Judges the account of the Dark Ages of the Israelite people. Disobedience prevented Israel from receiving the blessings promised by God in the covenant.

But the God who made the covenant is a God who is characterized by covenant-keeping love. When Israel recognized disobedience as the cause of their difficulties, they turned to God and confessed their rebellion. Then God acted again with unmerited grace, provided a deliverer, and led Israel to the promised blessings. Judges begins with compromise and ends with confusion. This is what happens in every unsurrendered life! The people of Israel forgot that God had chosen them for a purpose—to tell the world the truth that there is but one true God. And so we see It the story of humans’ constant failure and God’s constant mercy.

Failure through compromise permeates every page of the book of Judges. Let the words burn into the mind, and burn out any easy-going toleration of the unholy or questionable thing. Can even convey a sense of urgency. Judges begins by giving us a graphic reminder of the consequences of compromise and partial obedience in a time of spiritual anarchy. It is the fundamental principle that the Holy Spirit communicates about spiritual survival in a society without standards.

Partial defense is no defense at all. Moody once said, “The place for the ship is in the sea, but God help the ship if the sea gets into it! Have you ever noticed how new beginnings are punctuated by the earthly end of God’s servants? Exodus begins with the death of Joseph. Joshua begins with the death of Moses. Judges begins with the death of Joshua.

1 Kings begins with the death of David. And yet for all that, God’s kingdom does not collapse, not even when Sheol takes God’s most useful servants. The kingdom of God continues though the servants of God die. That is the witness of Judges 1. When did the events in Judges take place?

And many are only vaguely familiar with this historical book. When Joshua was Israel’s leader, all the tribes worked together in obeying the will of God. In the Book of Judges, however, you don’t find the nation working together as a unit. Nevertheless it seems here the sons did come before God in this moment of crisis to seek His will. Judges 1 deals with a second movement of the conquest of Canaan.

Canaanite resistance in something of a blitzkrieg style. The Book of Judges begins with a series of victories and defeats that took place after the death of Joshua. So the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord. Henrietta Mears offers the following outline for Judges that is easy to remember. Promised Land remained to be conquered. The first act of the children of Israel was to seek God’s will about how they should carry out the final conquest.