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Please forward this error screen to 96. When these people access a place with a service animal what kind of paper work are they required to have? I have seen a lot of stuff the 12 laws of karma pdf looked pretty fake to me. Do they need an ID card, paper work – both?

Nor are service vests and patches by law. A LOT of disabilities are “invisible” ie: epililepsy, diabetes, severe migraines, etc and dogs are used for alerting their partners to impending episodes and provide services during an attack. I myself use a Migraine alert dog. An actual service dog is best identified by behaviour of both handler AND dog. Both will be well behaved in public whereas “pets” may not be.

Service dogs are trained to be seen and not heard. Just because we don’t all look disabled doesn’t mean there’s not more going on behind the scenes than you may be aware of. With so many people owning ‘pocket dogs’ and feeling that they should be able to take them everywhere, including grocery stores and restaurants, surely it is reasonable to identify an animal as one that serves a special need. A friend of my brother’s lost his doorman job because of this loosely poorly written law. I want to start with the fact that I am disabled. I am appalled at the fact that many people are abusing the service animal laws.

ID that identified my animal as a service animal. I have read the service animals do not id or vest. I have a vest for my dog, but one day, not feeling well, forgot the vest was not in my car. One dog is 5 lbs and the other is 8 lbs -however, they BOTH do work for me, each differently. In the listing it said the Association must approve Pet.

My real estate agent told the association I had a Service Dog it is not a pet. They wanted to know how much does it weight he said 67 lbs. That if I bring her he will contact his attorney. I am the in the same boat, I happen to have a pitbull that is being certified as a service dog and before he was certified he was not allowed to live here simply because he is a pitbull.

Can they say no to me if he is certified now? I dont want to lose my service dog. If they cannot say now and they still do what do i do? And I use her like you would use your legs witch mine do not work. And if I saw a someone with a pitbull I just could not take a chance to be near that dog We are trained to forsee what lays ahead of us and that is a bombshell. I wish we that have a true service animal has to have something more then just a vest. To those that are are disable and try to break the law I would like to see a stiff fine and the lose of there animal.

I have a boxer that is aways question, due to him not being a lab, golden or a shepard, His unusual tall size and boxer strain of german decent mistakes him for a pit or mix of some sort. If not, everyone in the world would qualify their pet as a service animal and the stores and restaurants would be full of animals. YOU must have a DISABILITY and your animal must be stringent requirements and perform tasks that better your life, etc. We are moving to Cocoa Beach, FLA. The dog is widely brought to nursing homes, hospitals, schools etc. Registries exist to make you feel better and to take your hard earned money from you. And don’t forget to read the Amended Americans With Disabilities Act.

I find “some” comments not only ignorant but discriminatory. The ADA has come a long way baby and it’s about time. There will always be a minority who willfully break a law however, it is not the majority. If you want to play the service dog policebe prepared to face charges and or lawsuits “if” you are wrong. People are in far more danger of drunk drivers breaking the law than a dog in a grocery store on a leash or in a carrier.

Just “one” drink and you are over the legal limit. Would you also like to be the “alcohol police? Perhaps you’d rather see FL require service dog accredidation and WHO would pay for that? If you google Service Dog Laws you can very easily find the accurate site created by the GOVERNMENT that states the rules as it will have the letters .

I am not disabled, but I want to train a dog for someone who is. I have already ordered a service vest for the dog online. I was approuched by a county employee that threatend me with a fine cause he stated my dog did not look like a service dog due to her size. I am going to use my two dogs as service animals. Since I don’t need ANY PROOF WHATSOEVER that I have an affliction requiring them, I will take them into a restaurant and seat one on either side of me. Remember, I can’t be denied equal service, so I will order for them as well.

One hamburger extra rare for each should do nicely. I was on the Gulf beaches next to the surf when a woman walked by with her dog loose and running to and fro. I found it irritating because I cannot bring my animals out and do what she was doing and I told her so. She replied that it was a service animal and that is the only way she could exercise it. I called just now and talked with a Pinellas county deputy and he said that the owner DOES have to show documentation. But as for the dog running free on the beach, that is a judgment call on the part of the deputy. So I will now go and get my “documentation” and join the scofflaws.