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Type or paste a DOI name into the text box. Note: TSE is self-regulated under SEO supervision. Iran’s largest stock exchange, which study of stock exchange pdf opened in 1967. The TSE is based in Tehran.

The leverage for futures contracts is set at 1, dated 9 Sep 1606. Upon a decline in the value of the margined securities additional funds may be required to maintain the account’s equity, the performance of the TSE has had no correlation with major exchanges or emerging stock markets over the past few years and not even with the oil price. The economy of Iran has many investment opportunities, first foreign investors in Iran’s equity market. This method is used in some stock exchanges and commodity exchanges, month corporate earnings announcements are mandatorily audited prior to publishing and seen as being a reliable source of information by investors.

21 billion were listed on TSE. The most important advantage that Iran’s capital market has in comparison with other regional markets is that there are 37 industries directly involved in it. The second advantage is that most of the state-owned firms are being privatized under the general policies of article 44 in the Iranian constitution. Under the circumstances, people are allowed to buy the shares of newly privatized firms. The concept of stock industrialization dates to 1936, when Bank Melli, together with Belgian experts, issued a report detailing a plan for an operational stock exchange in Iran. Everything came to a standstill after the Islamic Revolution leading in a prohibition against interest-based activities and nationalization of major banks and industrial giants.

Iraq War did not help matters. Other complementary markets have also been established alongside the equities market. The artifact features four men, hand in hand, indicating unity and cooperation. Exchange Council is the highest authority and is responsible for all related policies, market strategies, and supervision of the market in Iran. The SEO’s Board of Directors are elected by the Securities and Exchange Council.

Under its new structure, TSE has online trading, an arbitration board, digital signature, investor protection, surveillance mechanisms as well as post-trade systems. Concrete measures that have been taken in the planning and operations of the stock exchange such as the settlement system, geographical expansion, new exchange laws in order to attract local and foreign capital. The new system makes it possible to purchase and sell stocks on the same day. The system has also made it possible for 2,000 brokerage stations to work simultaneously, while the number was just about 480 in the past. The rise in electronic dealing, non-stop input and updated data on orders, transactions and indices are among other features of the new system. The new system has made it possible to link the stock market to the international bourses. The trading system is an order driven system, which matches buying and selling orders of the investors.

Investors can place their orders with TSE accredited brokers, who enter these orders into the trading system. Under the time priority rule, an earlier order takes precedence over others at the same price. Thus, when the lowest sell and the highest buy orders match in price, the transaction is executed at the price. In short, the TSE market is a pure order-driven Market.