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This article is a summary of common slang words and phrases used in Puerto Rico. Idiomatic expressions may be difficult to translate fully and may have multiple meanings, so the English translations below may not reflect the slang words list with meaning pdf meaning of the expression they intend to translate. Estar por la luna – Literally, “to be as if on the moon”.

Jíbaro is a term used to refer to mountain people, who lived “in-land” in the heart of the island, and are the backbone of the Puerto Rican culture. A home-made flavored frozen treat usually made from natural fruits or sweet milk mixtures and often served on a small piece of water-resistant paper, a plastic or paper cup, or a popsicle stick. The name is said to have originated from the last name of Charles Lindbergh after the islanders noticed how “cold” he was as compared to the warmth of the locals during Lindbergh’s visit to the Island in 1928. Buena Vista: life and work on a Puerto Rican hacienda, 1833-1904. Language in the USA: Themes for the Twenty-first Century.

Hablemos Español: De Las Sínsoras a Jurutungo”. This page was last edited on 10 January 2018, at 02:28. The Nadsat slang word is shown with its closest English meaning or meanings. The translation of the Russian word is also shown if it differs from the English meaning.

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Words of uncertain origin are marked with a ‘? From bars on windows in Prisons. Derived from the first letter of “mother”. Taken from the 1973 Caedmon audio LP, Anthony Burgess Reads A Clockwork Orange, and present only in Andrew Biswell’s Restored Text edition of A Clockwork Orange. The term “A Clockwork Orange” refers to a human who is mechanically responsive, as is the character of Alex in the story, after his series of trials and “modifications”. This page was last edited on 10 March 2018, at 20:55.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This article has no lead section. Please help by adding an introductory section to this article. This list of “Afrikanerisms” comprises slang words and phrases influenced by Afrikaans and other African languages. Typical users include people with Afrikaans as their first language but who speak English as a second language and people living in areas where the population speaks both English and Afrikaans. Zulu origin attempt to speak Zulu without the proper pronunciation and throat sounds. Originally refers to any person who behaves similarly to an ape or an idiot, i.