Sharepoint 2010 tutorial for beginners step by step pdf

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Follow documents,Support for Cut and paste from word, Focus on Content button and sharepoint 2010 tutorial for beginners step by step pdf more. For Content Authors features like Embedding a Video into a Blog post,Moving multiple documents from Library to another ,Image renditions,adding HTML Master page using Design Manager and more were Introduced. One of the Biggest and the most popular feature that is introduced for this audience is the Drag and Drop feature. Microsoft has done an incredible job by adding this feature to its highly popular document libraries.

On any document library you can simply Drag and Drop the document and it will be upload with a quick progress bar. Simply select a document from local and drag it towards the document library. Another great feature that would Interest all Content Authors and End Users is the new Content Search Web Part. Another big feature that will fully Impress you is the new Content Search Web Part.

Kudos, was looking for how to information for sharepoint 2013, cheers! People have become accustomed to the drag and drop feature on other popular website tools. Keep up to date with changes in Office 365 with our feature-based, short and to the point Training Videos. Watch the Video to know how it works! Free to download and use for Internal Employee Training. Aug 30, 2017 Angular 4 Development Cheat Sheet A quick reference guide to get you going with Angular development. May 12, 2017 Error Handling in Large .

NET Projects – Best Practices Learn some effective error handling strategies that you can use in your . SOLID principles, with challenges and solutions. So far, we have published 21 . NET framework versions and how we can still target older versions of . NET framework even when using the latest development tools. 5 fulfills a long standing feature request for the BCL.

It is useful for scenarios where read only Dictionaries need to be exposed. One such case is shown in this article. 1 contains some new features and is an in-place update to . Let’s see what’s new in this latest .

Building an Image Resizer using . NET Parallel Dataflow Library in . 5, the Task Parallel Library team went another step ahead and built a little known library called Parallel Dataflow Library. This article explains why as a . NET developer, you must know about this powerful library. Using Portable Class Library in .

In this article, I will be sharing 25 T-SQL Scripts and Tutorials from my blog that I feel would be useful for a developer creating . View Internal CLR Details using the . 0 managed applications using native debuggers. The SOS extension lets you view information about code that is running inside the CLR. In this article, we will explore how to use this extension.

Call a Method Asynchronously in . In this article, we will see how to call a method asynchronously using the Delegate Polling pattern and the Callback Pattern. Retrieve Security Information of Files using . Using Dotfuscator to protect your . NET assemblies and making the process of reverse engineering difficult. In this article, we will use the Invoke method of the Parallel class to call multiple methods, possibly in parallel. In this second part of the article series, we will see how WCF 4.

0 has come out with many new features. Typically there are a lot of changes in Windows Workflow 4. In this article we will see some new features of WCF 4. Creating and Using Custom Activity in WF 4. Those who have worked with WF 3. On the same basis, WF 4.

0 has also provided us mechanisms of custom activities. 0 – An Application Development Approach. Creating a Simple Procedural Workflow using VS 2010 and Windows Workflow WF 4. 0, there have been some major changes in Windows Workflow 4. Most of the activities of WF 3.

In this article, we will see how a workflow can be designed using procedural activities, how input arguments can be specified in a workflow and how a hosting application can pass these input arguments. We will be using Beta 1 release of VS2010, . Create and Print PDF in ASP. The Producer Consumer Pattern in . A subsidiary of A2Z Knowledge Visuals Pvt. Look up how in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.