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All LSBU courses are accredited or recruitment case study pdf in partnership with relevant industries, and our academic staff is populated with professionals in their chosen fields. Our great location in the heart of London means that a huge number of work experience opportunities are within easy reach.

Why choose LSBULSBU is the right choice for international students. Follow this simple guide for all taught and research degrees. Please forward this error screen to 158. Please forward this error screen to 158.

Please forward this error screen to 96. Teaching and learning styles are, by their very nature, changing and in recent years there has been a noticeable move from lecture-based activities towards more student-centred activities. Case studies are an increasingly popular form of teaching and have an important role in developing skills and knowledge in students. We hope that by explaining our rationale for the adoption of case studies, and by discussing their development and structure, you will be encouraged to consider your own teaching methods and whether this approach, or aspects of it, is appropriate to you. We begin by outlining our reasons for incorporating case studies into the teaching syllabus and then look at different aspects of case studies, including subject choice and content development, running and structuring of case studies, and assessment methods. Good practice, and examples of ideas that have been tried and found wanting, are discussed.

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The case study approach is one way in which such active learning strategies can be implemented in our institutions. There are a number of definitions for the term case study. It is at this point that it is important to make a distinction between this type of learning and problem-based learning. In practice there is overlap between the two teaching modes and we should not worry too much about clear distinctions. Many of the discussion points in this guide will be relevant to both case studies and problem-based learning topics.

Why Use Case Studies in Teaching? The discipline of Materials Science and Engineering is ideal for using case study teaching because of the wealth of practical, real life examples that can be used to contextualise the theoretical concepts. Educational research has shown case studies to be useful pedagogical tools. Allow the application of theoretical concepts to be demonstrated, thus bridging the gap between theory and practice.