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Lysenko speaking at principles of genetics by gardner pdf Kremlin in 1935. Trofim Lysenko, his followers and Soviet authorities. The pseudo-scientific ideas of Lysenkoism assumed the heritability of acquired characteristics.

More than 3,000 mainstream biologists were fired or even sent to prison, and numerous scientists were executed as part of a campaign instigated by Lysenko to suppress his scientific opponents. In 1928, Trofim Lysenko, a previously unknown agronomist, claimed to have developed an agricultural technique, termed vernalization, which tripled or quadrupled crop yield by exposing wheat seed to high humidity and low temperature. Many agronomists were educated before the revolution, and even many of those educated afterwards did not agree with the forced collectivization policies. Isaak Izrailevich Prezent, a main Lysenko theorist, presented Lysenko in Soviet mass-media as a genius who had developed a new, revolutionary agricultural technique.

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