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The PLC as a unit consists of a processor to execute the control action on plc theory book pdf field data provided by input and output modules. In a programming device, the PLC control logic is first developed and then transferred to the PLC. So, what can a PLC actually do? It can conduct counting, calculation and comparison of analog process values.

It offers flexibility to modify the control logic, whenever required, in the shortest time. It responds to the changes in process parameters within fractions of seconds. It improves the overall control system reliability. It is cost effective for controlling complex systems. PLCs are irreplaceable in many industry applications and control projects. Here is an example of wired ABB’s AC500 programmable logic controllers.

It tells CPU the exact status of field devices and also acts as a tool to control them. PLC program as well as for different data. Os ranging from 500 to 5,000. A CPU card can be connected with a programming device through a communication link via a programming port on the CPU.

Many thanks to the Genius Engineer! Thanks Edvard for sharing with us this engineering subject of the PLCs. I am in South Africa and this field is yet to be developed and without engineers like you we as Africa are left in a dark. Thanks so much for such information on PLC’s. It has enlightened my understanding on the subject. I have developed much more interest in PLC systems.

One question, I’m working on a renewable energy project basically solar farms which involves photovoltaic panels, battery banks,inverters and such. Do you think PLC can be applicable in control and monitoring this type of unit? Rockwell Automation and his realtime clock module and the correct routine for his positioning. If the photovoltaic panel are fixed, then this solution could not to be applied. Another great article, thanks a lot mate. Leave a Comment Click here to cancel reply. Tell us what you’re thinking we care about your opinion!