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Sell Offers, draximage-canada marketplace draximage canada . What are “Recall Plan Templates” The “Recall Plan Templates” are worksheets used by Food Distributors and Manufacturers to track products and manage a food recall process. If you do not have a Recall Plan, every template provided will be useful. If you already have a Recall Plan, feel free to request the templates to compare your plan with ours and ensure you have everything you need.

What to Do In The Event Of A Product Recall? Every Food Distributor and Food Manufacturer must track the products they manufacture and distribute. Since the “The Food Safety Modernization Act” was signed on January 4, 2011, it’s the law. 10 easy steps so you can create your own Recall Plan. Not having a Plan to recall a product is like not having insurance. The information we have provided can be used by any Distributor or Manufacturer in the Food Industry.

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FDS has been granted permission to use and summarize the information that is provided below to help you create your own Food Recall Plan. To help speed up the process in developing your own Recall Plan, FDS has created Recall Plan templates for both a Manufacturer and Distributor. As Recall Plans for Food Distributors and Food Manufacturers do have some differences, we have provided the applicable information for both. Which Government Agencies Deal with Recalls? Food producers use many controls to ensure the safety of their products.

Despite their best efforts, however, sometimes unsafe food products, or those that do not meet legislative requirements, make their way into the marketplace. This process of removing the product is called a recall. Proper and timely removal from the marketplace of the product in question. The ability to remove products from the market quickly and effectively is vital to every food producer and distributor. A recall program is a written action plan that is carefully constructed, tested and evaluated to ensure efficiency. It is the safety net that can prevent consumers from buying or eating a potentially harmful food product. Having an efficient recall program may reduce a company’s liability, while a non-existent or poor recall program can have serious economic and legal consequences.