Parallelism exercises with answers pdf

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Doubled angle fix The Doubled angle on the bow fix resembles a running fix though only one navigation aid is used. The distance travelled between the bearings is the same parallelism exercises with answers pdf the distance from the visible wreck.

Use the log distance to find the position on the second LOP. It is an isosceles triangle, so d2 is also 10 nm. Label it with an ellipse and “RFix” but realize it is less precise than a running fix that involves two navigation aids. Isosceles, so d2 is also 4 nm. Label it with an ellipse and “RFix”.

Remember: the greater the angular spread the better. Hence, of these three fixes the four point fix is the most precise one. Click on the image on the right to view a magnificent lighthouse. The formula contains the two distances from the visible horizon and can be simplified by the equation: 2. Use the dipping range to plot a Distance LOP in the chart: a circle equal in radius to the measured distance, which is plotted about the navigation aid.

Finally, take a bearing on the object to get a second LOP and a position fix. The light is located below the top! Once the angle is corrected for index error the distance can be found in a table called: “Distances by Vertical Sextant Angle”, which is based on the following equation. 72′ total, and corrected for index error. Water height in metres above or below chart datum of object.

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