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ARE NEGATIVE VIBRATIONS BLOCKING YOUR TWIN FLAME CONNECTION? The most important thing for you to know as a Twin Flame is that you and your Twin are meant to be together – it’s simply a question of clearing out any blocks to this happening. The problem is that many Twin Flames don’t realize what’s going on and let these negative energies become stuck in an endless loop instead of clearing them out – causing pain management secrets pdf vicious cycle of running, separation, heartbreak and pain over and over. Cassady Cayne is a natural intuitive and channel of spirit with an academic background in psychology and history.

She was thrown into the Twin Flame journey head-first, experiencing a powerful Kundalini triggering that released latent psychic abilities which turned her life upside down. She has spent years researching the Twin Flame dynamic and is at the union stage of her journey. The Vibrational Alignment Program comes in 11 full PDF classes with 6 Energy Clearing Audio tools and Deep Meditations – beautifully designed to take you through each step of your journey back to love with your Twin Flame in an easy to follow, concise format. Compatible with tablets, computers and all smart phones, so you can learn on the move. Developing Communication Telepathy and Intuition – How To Talk to Your Twin Flame Wherever They Are Learn how to communicate Telepathically with your Twin Flame using Fun and Easy Tools – plus brand new scientific proof that Telepathy really works.

We show you how to easily clear the negative energy that may have been blocking communication between you and your Twin. How to Reach a State of Harmony Clearing the Baggage that Complicates Your Twin Flame Relationship We take you through the truth of the Different Phases of the Twin Flame relationship and explain why Problems tend to crop up when you and your Twin Flame come together, PLUS how to remedy this for good. Communicating With Your Higher Self and Guides Getting support and advice on your Twin Flame journey every day Tap into Your own Eternal Wisdom and get to know Your Personal Team to get Help and Insight on Your Twin Flame Journey. PLUS, Learn How to Tell the Difference between Ego VS Genuine Guidance. Includes a Simple tool to instantly verify the identity of any being, and make them Tell you the Truth no matter what. The Twin Flame Mirror How Will You Handle it? 1 Core Wound responsible for Running and Separation.

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Chaser Paradox is it Holding You Back? We sort Facts from Fiction about this much-discussed part of the Twin Flame Relationship, and give you the low-down on Why Some Twins “Run”. If you and your Twin Flame are estranged, we show you how to Re-Open the Channels of Communication and Clear Away what has created Static and Hurt between you. Past Life Complications and Blessings The Akashic Records And Clearing A New Path For Love What role does Karma play in your life and on your Twin Flame journey?

PLUS, we share Easy Tools to Discover your Past Lives and Clear Away old hurts, Attachments to past lovers, Negative Contracts and other snags that could be blocking your happy relationship with your Twin Flame now. Your Twin Flame Mission What Does the Future Hold For You? Find out the True Purpose and Background of the Twin Flame relationship and how to get the Universe to Support you on your way back to your Twin. We go in-depth about the Twin Flame Union, the Sacred Alchemical Marriage – find out how to know when you’re ready.