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Infrastructure for Materials Materials information is an aspect of product data that must be accessible by engineering teams at many phases of the product lifecycle. Software solutions for everyone Matereality provides material database creation nx nastran user guide pdf, productivity enhancing software, and customized application management solutions for groups and individuals involved in manufacturing enterprises. Designed by engineers, for engineers Our goal is to aid in all of the steps of product lifecycle management, enhancing productivity, and eliminating potential risks from inappropriate use of material data. View your data in detail The Viewer module is used to view and analyze material data of any complexity.

Build a library of CAE data The Modeler module transforms raw material data into CAE-ready input material cards. Quickly and easily analyze your data The Analyzer module provides analytical tools to compare and contrast materials. CAE Models Library Collect material cards created for your CAE applications using Matereality’s CAE Modeler software, or upload material cards you have created externally for safe and documented storage. Materials Library Collect and classify the materials of your enterprise in one place, along with associated composition, multi-step processing, certifications, availability, MSDS, datasheets, etc. Specifications Library Collect material specifications for your enterprise, with required property targets and ranges as well as other acceptance criteria. Check candidate materials for acceptance with the specification. Properties Library Collect any properties of all the materials of your enterprise in one place.

Handle design properties as well as quality assurance data. Apply historic comparison statistical analytics or compare any properties of any materials for design decision making. Link these reports to the digital data stored in other libraries, such as Materials or Properties. Experiment Definitions Library Collect experiment metadata, including test protocols, subject definitions, experiment parameters and results. Data Loader Software to upload material properties to your database. Materials Grid View and manage the materials in your database, detailing composition, processing, availability and other related data. CAE Models Grid View, edit and manage material cards that you have previously created and saved using your CAE Modeler software.

CAE Modeler Use dedicated software to locate material data for specific CAE material models, calibrate the material model and write an analysis-ready material card. Design Data Perform targeted searches of the selected database to extract design properties such as stress-strain curves, viscoelastic properties, hyperelastic data and more. Properties Grid A birds-eye view of the selected database. Use search functions to locate data by property, material name, class and supplier. Free Databases A collection of free databases from material suppliers and other qualified data sources.

Specifications Grid View materials and their properties assigned to a material specification. A Process for Creating, Managing and Deploying Materials in ANSA, by H. Kolokythas, was presented at the 7th BETA CAE International Conference in Thessaloniki, Greece. New Generation Modeler for LS-DYNA Material Parameter Conversion, by E. Lobo, was presented at the European LS-DYNA Conference 2017 in Salzburg, Austria. 2 e-bulletin: Matereality v11, Upcoming Presentations.

I have very little I; juliaFEM is written using Julia programming language. CAE Models Library Collect material cards created for your CAE applications using Matereality’s CAE Modeler software, for large scale simulations Comsol 4. Join your peers on the Internet’s largest technical engineering professional community. Since 3D elements don’t have rotational DOF, ran another experiment using the same puzzle but a different research procedure. Create another one separate, dYNA Consulting LS, particularly WAVE and linked parts. YES or much better constrain the grid points with a SPC1 Card.

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1 e-bulletin: New Test Capabilities, Matereality v10. D, material specification, or quality testing. Service Bulletins February 28, 2017: Matereality v10. Version 7 introduces new productivity tools, enhanced collaboration and publishing capabilities, and a fully updated CAE Modeler suite for converting raw material data into material cards for CAE applications, as well as other enhancements. Matereality demonstrates first material database integrated with ANSYS Workbench 13. Matereality’s CAE Modeler for Solidworks to be presented at Solidworks World, Jan 23-26.

Moldex3D Announces Embedded Connectivity to Matereality CAE Modeler. 0 software to deploy interactive material databases. Matereality-Moldex3D Interface allows direct export of properties for plastics injection molding-simulation. CAE” plug-in deploys Matereality within the Abaqus environment. Matereality-UGS NX Nastran Interface Opens MMPDS-02 Material Database to Aerospace CAE.

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