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Not to be confused with Millions of instructions per second, MIPS-X, or Stanford MIPS. The early MIPS mips instruction set pdf were 32-bit, with 64-bit versions added later. Computer architecture courses in universities and technical schools often study the MIPS architecture. The architecture greatly influenced later RISC architectures such as Alpha.

As of April 2017, MIPS processors are used in embedded systems such as residential gateways and routers. The first version of the MIPS architecture was designed by MIPS Computer Systems for its R2000 microprocessor, the first MIPS implementation. Both MIPS and the R2000 were introduced together in 1985. MIPS I has thirty-two 32-bit general-purpose registers.

0 is hardwired to zero and writes to it are discarded. For integer multiplication and division instructions, which run asynchronously from other instructions, a pair of 32-bit registers, HI and LO, are provided. The program counter has 32 bits. The two low-order bits always contain zero since MIPS I instructions are 32 bits long and are aligned to their natural word boundaries. Instructions are divided into three types: R, I and J. Every instruction starts with a 6-bit opcode. J-type instructions follow the opcode with a 26-bit jump target.

MIPS I has instructions that load and store 8-bit bytes, 16-bit halfwords, and 32-bit words. Since MIPS I is a 32-bit architecture, loading quantities fewer than 32 bits requires the datum to be either signed- or zero-extended to 32 bits. MIPS I has instructions to perform addition and subtraction. MIPS I has instructions to perform bitwise logical AND, OR, XOR, and NOR. These instructions source their operands from two GPRs and write the result to a third GPR. The Set on relation instructions write one or zero to the destination register if the specified relation is true or false.

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