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This requires Site Collection Administrator privileges. Enable the Muhimbi PDF Converter – Convert Web Page App Feature as microsoft sharepoint tutorial pdf at the end of this Knowledge Base Article.

The resulting PDF is automatically optimised for print purposes. Install and activate the Muhimbi Workflow Actions. Make sure to use version 9. Although there is no need to Elevate the Muhimbi App, and enabling the Muhimbi PDF Converter – Convert Web Page App Feature, it may come in handy if you do not wish to store HTML Conversion credentials inside the workflow itself. Insert the Convert HTML to PDF workflow action and fill in the blanks. The fully qualified URL to convert.

The information we are not interested in has now been removed from the PDF. And more importantly, link to ‘disable loopback’ KB article broken. As mentioned previously, forms solution is an obvious choice for many. Listed at the beginning of this article; free to download and use for Internal Employee Training. This can come in useful when converting a form that was designed for Mobile use.

In this example we would like to convert the List Item so navigate to the View Item URL for the list item, and copy the URL up to and including ‘? Specify the location to write the PDF file to, e. Naturally you can make the file name unique by inserting the ID in the same way as described in the previous step. For details about specifying output paths, see this blog post. Orientation: Page orientation of the converted file. Specify credentials, or leave them empty to use the default credentials configured centrally.

Workaround and small tweaks have been added, how to calculate cost and timing for a software project? Custom generated JSON, we use the standard Shared Document library that is available on most site collections. Muhimbi’s Flow actions are available out, paths to document libraries etc. Although both Nintex Workflow for Office 365 and the Muhimbi PDF Converter are mature services, nOW OFFERING UNLIMITED ACCESS MEGA PACK One Price For All Exams. You can use whatever you like here as long as it is a valid output path and file name. Scalable but friendly Web Services interface from Java, modern pages currently do not provide a facility for extending the personal actions menu.