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Mach 2 with your hair on fire pdf or paste a DOI name into the text box. Follow the link for more information. The Beatles’ booking agent, Allan Williams, decided to send the group to Hamburg when another group he managed, Derry and the Seniors, proved successful there.

Having no permanent drummer at the time, they recruited Best a few days before their departure. The Beatles first met Astrid Kirchherr in Hamburg, who was instrumental in their adoption of the famous Beatle haircut. During their time in Hamburg, Sutcliffe decided to leave the group to continue his studies. Hamburg had once been Germany’s main seaport, the fourth largest in the world, but in 1943 virtually the entire city had been reduced to rubble by World War II bombing raids. By 1960, when they arrived, the Hamburg that had grown up from the ruins of WWII had established a reputation throughout Europe as a city of vice and criminal activity.

Hamburg, where they were enjoying success, and wanted to send an additional group. Pauli quarter of Hamburg, where the Indra club was located, was well known as an area where prostitutes were to be found, and was a dangerous place for anyone that looked different from the usual clientele. Pacific Hotel, as well as the less popular clubs like Grannies, the Ice Cream Shop, Chugs, and Sacha’s. The Reeperbahn and the Grosse Freiheit were decorated with neon lights, with posters advertising the performers in the clubs. The Indra Club from the outside looks like a simple storefront, with a closed security gate at the entrance and display windows.

The Indra Club, where The Beatles first played on arriving in Hamburg, as it appeared in 2007. The Beatles arrived very early in the morning of 17 August 1960, but had no trouble finding the St. Pauli area of Hamburg, as it was so infamous. The room had been an old storeroom, and there were just concrete walls and nothing else. Their playing schedule at the Kaiserkeller remained the same as it had been in the Indra. Lennon said: “We had to play for hours and hours on end.

Every song lasted twenty minutes and had twenty solos in it. There was nobody to copy from. We played what we liked best and the Germans liked it as long as it was loud. Williams warned the Beatles about the competition they would face by playing in the same club as the Hurricanes by saying, “You’d better pull your socks up because Rory Storm and the Hurricanes are coming in, and you know how good they are. They’re going to knock you for six.

The stage of the Kaiserkeller was made of planks of wood balanced on the top of beer crates, so the two groups made a bet to see to who would be the first to break it. After punishing the stage for days, a slight crack appeared, and when Storm jumped off the top of the upright piano it finally broke. Koschmider’s nightclub bouncer, who had been the 1959 West German featherweight boxing champion, but his career was cut short after he unintentionally killed a sailor in a street fight. Lennon was missing for a performance one evening, and Fascher found him in the toilet with a woman. He broke up the tête-à-tête with a bucket of cold water which he threw over them both, and ordered Lennon onto the stage. Lennon was furious, and complained that he could not go on stage dripping wet. Fascher snapped back: “I don’t give a shit, you’re going onstage and I don’t care if you do it naked.

A short time later the audience was roaring with laughter. The Beatles steadily improved during their time in Hamburg, and this was noticed by other musicians who were there at the time. Rory Storm or Ringo would hang around to watch us. The Reeperbahn nighclub as seen from the side walk with its entrance lighted. Theatre marques say “Sex” and “Peep live shows”. Top Ten club was opened in 1960 by Peter Eckhorn, and was operated by Iain Hines, who was an organist.

Back in Liverpool, the group played an engagement on 17 December 1960, at the Casbah Coffee Club, with Chas Newby substituting for Sutcliffe, playing bass with them for four shows. After Harrison turned 18 and the immigration problems had been solved, the Beatles went back to Hamburg for another residency at the Top Ten Club, playing from 27 March to 2 July 1961. Two electric guitars displayed with an amplifier. On 13 April 1962, the Beatles were booked as the opening act for the launch of a new club. The Star-Club, opened by Manfred Weissleder, had a capacity for two thousand people, as well as cinema-style seating.

14 November 1962, Starr had become the group’s drummer. Hamburg “the naughtiest city in the world”. As the group had to play for hours, Sheridan offered them Preludin, saying: “Here’s something to keep you awake. Legitimate use of Preludin required a doctor’s prescription, but Kirchherr’s mother was able to obtain it from a local chemist who supplied the drug without asking questions. The first recording of the Beatles ever released was the single “My Bonnie”, made in Hamburg with Tony Sheridan, who also had a residency at the Top Ten club. West German charts under the name “Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers”—a generic name used for whoever happened to be in Sheridan’s backup group. My Bonnie” was to bring the Beatles to the attention of a key figure in their subsequent development and commercial success, Brian Epstein.