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GALLERY – image gallery simplified. GALLERY is a touch enabled and fully responsive image gallery with joomla pdf viewer plugin, cascading and grid layout. Managing your photo galleries has never been so simple.

Display thumbnails with title and description. Choose between justified, cascading or grid layout. Images are displayed in full view via a modal popup window. Thumbnail selection mode with checkboxes. Display galleries on your website with your custom design. Automatic thumbnail generation in different resolutions. The script is touchscreen enabled and responsive.

Pagination and images support swipe gesture. Galleries and photos are automatically resized depending on the device resolution. Downloads small images on small display to save bandwidth. Spice up your Portfolio with eye-catching hover effects. Effects can be combined for more possibilities.

Build your own custom effects. You can organize your images in albums. Use a breadcrumb to navigate in photo albums. Support deep linking to albums.

You can define thumbnail settings specific to the first navigation level. A ton of options to personalize your galleries. Provides API methods and callbacks. Color schemes to change layout without editing any CSS file. Can be controlled using mouse, keyboard or touchscreen. Thumbnails can redirect to an URL instead of an image. This example shows you how to use icons from Font Awesome.

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The breadcrumd home icon is replaced by a camera icon. A search icon is displayed in the thumbnail description. For this example, you also need to include Font Awesome in the HEAD of your page. By default, after a touch on a thumbnail, the hover animation is started and the thumbnail is opened after a small delay. This parameter can also be used to define the delay before the thumbnail is automatically opened. Note: this paramater has no effect on the mouse handling. Resize your browser to test this feature.

All other uses require the purchase of a professional license. Feature requests and possible improvements: all ideas are welcome. Feel free to submit your own commit. It may be used in commercial projects and applications, or in business environments with the purchase of a professional license. If fees are associated to the use of nanoGALLERY, your project is not eligible to this license.