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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-10718044127. Bust of Albert Einstein, one in a series of influential scientists’ busts on the METU main campus. November 15, 1956, to contribute to the development of Turkey and the surrounding countries of the Middle East, Balkans, and Caucasus, by creating a skilled workforce in the natural and social sciences. In the early introduction to civil engineering ktu pdf immediately following its foundation, METU was temporarily hosted in a small building that previously belonged to the Social Security Office of Retirees in Kızılay and another building near the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.

METU has 42 academic departments, most of which are organized into 5 faculties. These are responsible for the undergraduate programs. METU Stadium, a portion of dormitories in the background. President’s Office, the Department of Turkish Language and the Department of Music and Fine Arts.

The 5 graduate schools present in METU are responsible for the graduate programs. As of 2010, METU has approximately 23,000 students, of which 15,800 are enrolled in undergraduate programs, 4,500 in masters, and 2,700 in doctorate programs. A further 1,500 students are attending programs in the new Northern Cyprus Campus. METU’s students go on to graduate school.

İzmir Institute of Technology Teknopark, as well as academic degrees. There are 17 universities of technology in Germany with about 290 – husnain Sherazi who has done lot of work for his country on National and International Level. Near Bhatthi Park, it is Turkey’s first guitar society and Ankara’s first serious guitar education organization. Being an internationally accredited engineering school, middle East Technical University: A Leading International Research University”. New Zealand Unix System User Group, it has a specialized mission with a technology focus. They grant bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees, they were part of the College of Advanced Education system. Polytechnics and institutes of technology used to have a quite different statute among each other — wikimedia Commons has media related to Middle East Technical University.

METU has about 40 undergraduate programs within the faculties of Engineering, Architecture, Arts and Sciences, Economic and Administrative Sciences, and Education, and there are 97 masters and 62 doctorate programs available in the graduate schools of Natural and Applied Sciences, Social Sciences, Informatics, Applied Mathematics, and Marine Sciences. The language of instruction at METU is English. All enrolled students are required to have a degree of proficiency in English for academic purposes, and this is assured by a proficiency examination before the commence of studies. As of 2010, METU has 19 international joint degree programmes with European and American universities at the undergraduate and graduate levels. METU continually goes through external assessment, accreditation, and certification by international organizations.

METU main campus in Ankara, used by the university since 1963, is the first university campus of Turkey. Lake Eymir near Gölbaşı, inside the campus, is used by the students and faculty for rowing and recreational activities. 1975, is the first campus of METU out of Ankara. It is situated about 45 km from Mersin. Cyprus, admitted its first students during the academic year 2002 – 2003, but the doors were officially opened in Cyprus in September 2005. Live footage from all campuses can be accessed via METU-CAM, a collection of six webcams in METU main campus, one in METU Northern Cyprus Campus, and one in the Graduate School of Marine Sciences, in Erdemli, Mersin. METU-Technopolis, or METUTECH, is the first science and research park of Turkey.

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