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40 Weird pictures that missed you as much as you missed them. When Galleries Have Been Gone Forever BUT THEY’RE FINALLY BACK! So what if the view counters and comments are still a work in progress — we’ve got galleries back! Is This Because Someone Double Dipped In The Free Salsa? Isn’t This How Everyone Serves Cake? Australian Road Rage Fight With A Chainsaw! Her recent life of crime, she has vividly begun to regret.

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Photos are from the recent Thief Captured And Tased shoot at Kink Unlimited. Discovering that your nurse is an old enemy who is fully prepared to take revenge on you in your helpless condition? Photo is from one of the classic remastered Insex shoots that appears from time to time as bonus material for Infernal Restraints members in remastered Ultra4K glory. Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets is an American true crime television series on the Investigation Discovery Network.

The show has ended and has not produced any further episodes since season 3. Daddy’s Princess” – Ali Kemp, a lifeguard from Leawood, Kansas, was found strangled to death in a poolhouse pump room in June 2002. Checkmate” – Ellen Robb was a wife and mother who was beaten to death in her Wayne, Pennsylvania home in December 2006. Cold As Ice” – Denise Huber disappeared after a Morrissey concert in Inglewood, California in June 1991. Closing Time” – Jerry Monroe was found shot to death in his Louisville, Kentucky bar in June 2002.