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Trucks fallen too far abbi glines pdf download mud on the tires were what I was used to seeing parked outside a house party. This place had at least twenty of them covering up the long driveway. I pulled my mom’s fifteen- year-old Ford truck over onto the sandy grass so that I wouldn’t be blocking anyone in. Dad hadn’t told me that he was having a party tonight.

He hadn’t told me much of anything. He also hadn’t shown up for my mother’s funeral. If I didn’t need somewhere to live, I wouldn’t be here. I’d had to sell the small house that my grandmother had left us to pay off the last of mom’s medical bills. All I had left was my clothes and the truck.

Naughty talking guys repeating same exotic things. It was bigger than my entire house or what had been my house. They didn’t let me doubt myself. I belonged inside my truck, not in this ridiculous house with these uppity people. At least in the summer.

Calling my father, after he had failed to come even once during the three years my mother had fought cancer, had been hard. I stared at the massive three-story house that sat directly on the white sand in Rosemary Beach, Florida. This was my dad’s new home. I wasn’t going to fit in here. My truck door was suddenly jerked open. On instinct, I reached under the seat and grabbed my nine-millimeter. I swung it up and directly at the intruder, holding it with both hands ready to pull back on the trigger.

Whoa I was gonna tell you that you were lost but I’ll tell you whatever the hell you want me to as long as you put that thing away. A guy with brown shaggy hair tucked behind his ears stood on the other side of my gun with both his hands in the air and eyes wide. I cocked an eyebrow and held my gun steady. I still didn’t know who this guy was.