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The key HR Goals and Objectives will not get easier to be achieved and sustained than it was in 2013. The Human Resources Management becomes one of the key sources definition of hris pdf the sustainable competitive advantage. Human Resources professionals and developing the HR Leadership capability.

The HR Management in post-financial crisis changes dramatically. The top executive management team expects HR to deliver proposals and solutions to keep the organization competitive, attractive and fast moving. The most successful organizations are the ones bringing innovations and new simple products. It defines the requirements given to Human Resources.

HR is requested to bring the proposal, which will change the corporate culture to be more innovative, competitive and employee friendly. The HR Strategy had to be redesigned. It has to put the emphasis on the HR Development, HR Simplification, agile HR Management, Innovations and HR Information Systems. However, all HR Functions share the same goals across the Globe.

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As the economy changes, Human Resources has to follow closely and change itself, as well. The HR Strategy requires changes to be introduced to reflect the development in the external environment. HR Simplification and Agile HR Management Nowadays, the quicker and more capable organization wins. HR has to revise all policies and procedures, which can be too complex, and they can make lives of employees and managers difficult. HR needs to focus on simplifying its processes and procedures. The good times of complex HR policies are over.