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Math in Society A survey of mathematics for the liberal arts major Math in Society is a free, open textbook. This book is a survey of contemporary mathematical topics, most non-algebraic, appropriate for a college-level quantitative contemporary topics 1 pdf download topics course for liberal arts majors. Online homework for most chapters of this text are available for WAMAP. Instructors: If you decide to use some or all of this book with your classes, please send me an email letting me know, so I can have some idea if people are finding it useful.

This license means that you have full permission to modify the text to your liking, have it printed, and use it in your classes. The only requirements are that you include attribution to the original authors, and make your changes available with the same permissions. If you are going to use printed copies without modifications, it is appreciated if you order through Lulu. This text is intended to be a growing, collaborative work.

Contributions of additional chapters, exercises, and extended projects or investigations are welcome. Please email the maintainer with any contributions. In the past, I had individually editioned each chapter. Beginning with the second edition of the book, I will now be changing the edition of the whole book at once when changes are made. The older first edition of this book is still available in print or online.

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Creation of this text was supported, in part, by the Transition Math Project and the Open Course Library. Chords, Progressions, Licks, and Tricks By Ear! Keyboard Playing To New Heights GUARANTEED! How to effortlessly make your left and right hands work together. The Do’s and Don’ts of playing contemporary gospel music in today’s church.

Why musicians fail to get to the next level in their playing. In fact, it let’s me know many things about you. First and foremost, I know that you’re serious about improving your piano skills. All you have to do is pop in the latest record of your favorite gospel artist and you’ll hear the type of contemporary, modern, and “urban” flavor I’m talking about. Now, that’s not to say that traditional music is outdated. You’ll always have churches singing the hand-clapping, foot-stomping praise songs or the worship classics that we’ve all grown accustomed to. In fact, we have courses dedicated to teaching each of these styles, step-by-step.

What is happening, however, is that churches are incorporating more and more contemporary-sounding songs into their worship services. What used to be reserved for “the choir” is now commonplace in opening up a church service. The church band is a lot savvier and knows how to play all styles. If the church mother sings and old-time gospel hymn, the millennium gospel musician can follow along.

If the youth choir decides to sing the latest songs on the radio, the same musician can switch styles. This is the ultimate way to be. Who Else Wants To Be A “Versatile Musician? Just like you should be able to play in all twelve keys, you should also be able to play all styles of gospel music. Of course, it doesn’t come overnight. This is what you use your daily practice sessions for.