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Please forward this error screen to 88. Board of Combat strength training pdf free held there, we would like to inform all members about our current activities and the nearest plans. May 23-26, 2018, the IMACSSS Special Session will be held.

EASS has already sent out its newsletter with this information. A second announcement of this conference will be sent out shortly. Board of IMACSSS is waiting for proposals to organise our next conferences. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017!

Our quarterly “Ido Movement for Culture. As we approach the 10th anniversary of our activity, we already prepared a draft design of the Medal of Honour and Merit, which will be awarded to the most deserving among us. In the next year, we meet at the session of IMACSSS during EASS conference in Prague, and also at the major event in Osaka, at the Sixth International Conference of IMACSSS combined with 50 years anniversary of Japanese Academy of Budo. IMACSSS Board meeting which took place there on 7 of October 2016. My intention now is to provide you with the most important information. First of all, I would like to express the opinion of the Congress participants who think this event was well-organized and I wish to thank the team headed by Prof.

We already prepared a draft design of the Medal of Honour and Merit – polemics and surveys of publications concerning the subject matter contained in the periodical. Which will be awarded to the most deserving among us. Combat sports and related systems. Oscar Martínez De Quel Pérez – the presenters of all sessions must submit an abstract in English.

If you wish to register, please go to the Japanese Academy of Budo website . CS section under the patronage of IMACSSS . This event will be combined with the XXV Anniversary of Idokan Poland Association. 2019 and in the following years. Anniversary of Our Society Formal Registration. The image of IMACSSS website has been improved recently following the ideas expressed during this year’s Congress. We are planning to set up IMACSSS Facebook account in December and it will edited by Dr Michal Vit.

Moreover, our journal is currently being evaluated by Thomson Reuters. At the meeting there was a suggestion to introduce collective membership but it would require a statutory change. Everyone interested in the topic, is welcome to work out proposals to amend the statutory laws. The Board voted unanimously in favour of accepting Prof. Fatih Hazar who ceased to work for the Board. It is created a new, separate website for “Ido Movement for Culture. J Martial Arts Anthrop” is an international peer reviewed journal.

Rzeszów and under the auspices of the IMACSSS and IASK. It also includes reviews, polemics and surveys of publications concerning the subject matter contained in the periodical. Cultural tourism, in particular martial arts tourism. Both the Editorial Board and the Scientific Board are international bodies. All members of the aforementioned committees are held in high esteem worldwide.

Some of them are employed as editors-in-chief of international journals or are members of international scientific organisations. All these articles will appear quarterly in English in electronic form, in the open access system. All original scientific content is available free of charge for personal use without restrictions on the journal’s website. International Martial Arts and Combat Sports Scientific Society is an exceptional scientific society established in order to study and conduct research on martial arts, combat sports and related systems. It brings together practitioners, experts and academics from around the world. 6th International IMACSSS Conference in Osaka. AGM for the Japanese Academy of Budo at Kogakkan University on 7th September.