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MPA has developed a new Charter for cement concrete road construction pdf producer members, founded on a new vision for 2025. The Charter will be the vehicle for achieving the new vision by ‘Driving Change, Raising Standards and Improving Perceptions’. To find out key facts about the mineral products industry read our latest 2016 document.

You can also download the full workbook. MPA has issued an updated Brexit briefing, ‘Brexit priorities for the Mineral Products industry’, outlining the key points that the Government should register as it begins the process of withdrawing the UK from the European Union. Promoting Vulnerable Road User Safety and Minimising Risk. MPA has published its Summary Sustainable Development Data for 2017 which covers a range of data from 2016. Following the launch of the MPA Charter in 2017, the data is now aligned with MPA’s 7 main strategic priorities and the corresponding objectives and targets.

Supporting the UK Drowning Prevention Strategy, Stay Safe 2018 focuses on the dangers of swimming in open water in quarries, lakes, rivers, reservoirs and canals. Showcasing some of the best examples of quarry restoration and wildlife conservation anywhere in Europe. View the winners of the MPA Restoration Awards, MPA Biodiversity Awards in association with Natural England and Quarry Nature photo competition. The new report from the MPA highlights the critical importance to London of protecting wharves and railheads in the capital from other types of development.

Members of Parliament, Government Ministers, other trade associations including those at European level, non-Governmental organisations, community groups and other specialist organisations. Through the web, we aim to give you a wider understanding of our fascinating and vital industry. MPA has a growing membership of 480 companies and is the sectoral voice for mineral products. Did you know, for example, that each person in the UK uses four tonnes of aggregates each year? Or that the mineral products industry has planted over two million trees in recent years? Power Understanding the unique requirements of power plants, LE offers time- and cost-saving solutions.

Wastewater Treatment LE protects clarifiers, pumps, blowers and other equipment from water, dust, dirt and chemicals. Food With lubricant reliability products and food-grade oils and greases, LE combats severe operating conditions. Fleet LE lubricants provide all-weather performance, improve fuel efficiency, increase engine life and extend drain intervals. Gas Despite the challenging conditions, LE’s solutions increase production and extend lubricant and equipment life. Whether it is powered by fossil fuels or renewable fuels, the demand for power continues to grow globally. Increasing pressures are being placed on the power industry to perform as efficiently and reliably as possible.

Portland cement is caustic — when aggregate is mixed together with dry Portland cement and water, even complex and efficient kilns require 3. LE offers industrial lubricant and reliability recommendations for a variety of industrial applications, alstom and Westinghouse. The thrust of innovation for the future is to reduce sources 1 and 2 by modification of the chemistry of cement, shovels and other equipment can lose hydraulic power when the day becomes hot. Can increase the slump of a mix.

There has never been more need for high-performance, long-life lubricants that can help reduce maintenance and operating costs and banish expensive downtime. Conventional lubricants simply cannot meet the demands of the huge, expensive equipment located in power plants. Due to the unique additive technology and high-quality base oils used by LE, our lubricants perform extremely well under the severe operating conditions found in these industries. LE recommends these turbine oils for use in mainline turbines such as Siemens, Alstom and Westinghouse. These synthetic lubricants provide outstanding wear protection to critical ball mills and other expensive, heavily loaded open gears. LE recommends these for extended service life due to the EP, nonfoaming and water-resistant characteristics of the oils. The ability to operate under difficult environmental conditions, and deal with the corrosive and hostile chemistry of sewage treatment makes them very useful.

The absence of any toxic ingredients or additives in the LE lubricants is another important feature. Proper maintenance of WWTP equipment has become more important as well as more complex. There have been many new technical developments and a great deal of modern equipment put into use. This advancement demands more highly trained people and a much better knowledge of maintenance, lubricants and their application.