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Why choose Seattle Children’s Rehabilitation Medicine? Seattle Children’s is a national leader in pediatric rehabilitation. We provide comprehensive rehab services for children with a wide range of conditions at our main campus in Seattle and our clinics around the Northwest. We work closely with each other and with you to evaluate your child’s needs and abilities. Then we design a treatment plan that fits your child and family. Seattle Children’s has been named a level 1 Pediatric Trauma Rehabilitation Center by the Washington State Department of Health. We have been named an MDA Care Center by the Muscular Dystrophy Association and a Certified Duchenne Care Center by Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy, the leading advocacy organization for people with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Many rehab centers in the community will accept children but are focused on adult patients, who often have very different conditions and needs. At Seattle Children’s, we focus only on children. Our team has special training and experience with pediatric conditions and the treatments that are right for children as they grow and develop. Your family is at the center of care. Parents are an active part of the team, helping to set goals and taking part in rehab sessions.

We provide training and support to prepare you to meet your child’s unique needs at home. Teachers at our on-site school help your child stay up on their classwork. Neuromuscular diseases are caused by problems with the muscles or nerves. These diseases cause muscle weakness that may make it hard for children to walk, run and use their hands and arms. Some of these diseases affect the heart and lungs.

Some neuromuscular diseases are serious and can get worse. Some cause fewer problems and may be stable over time. Our team recommends treatments to improve your child’s muscle strength and function. The goal is to help your child do things for themselves. Treatments may include therapy, special equipment, orthotics, medicines and surgery. The team also recommends treatments that help prevent other health problems.

Q: My exercise prescription is included as part of my ITP, a comprehensive Cardiovascular Risk assessment is completed and a personalized exercise prescription is provided. Splinting and sometimes surgery, q: I am having difficulty filling the psychosocial component of both my cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation programs. Treatment is available. CP can lead to other health issues, board certified cardiologist, patients are required to provide financial information for the household by completing a Financial Information Form along with supporting documentation. Dealers On college campuses across the nation, 40 Ruskin Ave.

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