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Please forward this error capital budgeting appraisal methods pdf to 158. Please forward this error screen to 158. Type or paste a DOI name into the text box. This course looks in depth at diverse accounting practices permitted by IFRS 6 within the exploration and development phase by reviewing these against benchmark treatments in US GAAP.

It goes on to consider how IFRS is applied in the development and production phases. In doing so it looks at the unique features posed by joint venture operations and contracting arrangements, in particular Production Sharing Agreements. This course is ideal for individuals with financial responsibilities who are new to the oil and gas industry or to accountants operating in the industry that will be adopting IFRS. It will review accounting requirements from pre-exploration to production for reporting internally, externally and to partners under the unique contractual arrangements common to this industry. Presented by two experienced instructors with both oil and gas and IFRS expertise, this program gives participants the benefit of decades of IFRS experience. Delegates receive the benefit of more than one view of IFRS and the opportunity to ask questions, receiving thorough answers to their individual questions from the presenters’ past experiences.

How to understand and apply IFRS to oil and gas exploration, development and production activities? When to capitalise and when to expense under IFRS during exploration and development and how does the diversity in accounting practices in the extractive industry affect financial reporting? How do IFRS reporting requirements interact with reporting between venturers and to the State? What are the characteristics of Production Sharing Agreements and how are these reflected in the financial statements? What methods of units of production calculation are permitted and what is best practice?

When and how to assess unproved and proved properties for impairment? What are the main revenue recognition issues faced by the industry? How do different tax regimes impact upon financial reporting? How to calculate and interpret financial and operational metrics used to analyse the costs, profitability, efficiency, and value added by a firm’s exploration and production activities? How do oil and gas companies present their financial statements when reporting under IFRS? How does the investor in a joint venture account for its interest and how does the operator account to its partners?