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Please forward this bird by bird pdf free download screen to 199. We also invite educators to get a free Pennington Window Bird Feeder to support kids in observing birds at your school or organization. You can find the supplemental resources for each month’s activities below. Just click on the month to jump to those resources.

Who’s That Up in the Sky? Do You Hear What I Hear? Some birds have highly modified feathers to fit particular functions, such as the fancy feathers on a peacock’s tail. Birds lose and replace their damaged feathers.

Birds can replace old and damaged feathers through molting. Molting generally occurs after nesting or before migration when the bird has enough resources and energy. All birds have thick, heavy bones that provide the structure needed to fly. Most birds have adapted to have very light but strong bones, so they are light enough to fly. A few flightless birds, like penguins, have solid bones. Birds generally have very good sight. Bird hearts beat more slowly than human hearts.

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The heartbeats of birds are faster than those of humans. In fact, a hummingbird’s heart beats over 1,260 times per minute! For comparison, a human’s heart rate is usually 60 to 100 beats per minute. All birds species do lay eggs. There is a large variety of diets among birds. Birds eat anything from seeds, nectar, insects, worms, fish, crustaceans, frogs, to small animals. While not all birds sing the beautiful songs we commonly think of, most are capable of making a variety of sounds.

They be calls, chip notes, or pecking against a tree. Males do more singing in many song birds. Rock Pigeon is one species which remains in one area all year round. This bird is found throughout the U.

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