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SQL is a programming language basic sql commands list pdf Relational Databases. It is designed over relational algebra and tuple relational calculus. SQL comes as a package with all major distributions of RDBMS.

SQL comprises both data definition and data manipulation languages. Using the data definition properties of SQL, one can design and modify database schema, whereas data manipulation properties allows SQL to store and retrieve data from database. CREATE Creates new databases, tables and views from RDBMS. DROP Drops commands, views, tables, and databases from RDBMS. This command adds an attribute in the relation article with the name subject of string type. DML modifies the database instance by inserting, updating and deleting its data. DML is responsible for all froms data modification in a database.

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These basic constructs allow database programmers and users to enter data and information into the database and retrieve efficiently using a number of filter options. This is one of the fundamental query command of SQL. It is similar to the projection operation of relational algebra. It selects the attributes based on the condition described by WHERE clause.