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It was close to the end of the business day but the normal mass exodus from the Riverside, CA multiple storied office building had not yet started. The young man stepping from the building and heading into the parking lot was dressed in business attire and carrying faux leather covered document holder while walking quickly in the direction of his car. His path through the parking lot was taking him toward a very expensive BMW 740i and he was eyeing it appreciatively with thoughts of one day owning such a fine car. The wheels he drove were parked on the other side of the BMW and were a lot less attractive but one way or another he would change that. A few blocks from the office building the car pulled into an empty parking lot and the front passenger seat man got out and opened the rear door where the young man was seated. Silently and with obvious prior experience he locked an ankle cuff around each of the young man’s ankles that was linked via chain to an anchor bolt in the floor.

The man then positioned both hands underneath the lap strap of the seat belt. The car headed out of the city on the freeways toward Hemet, CA while the front seat passenger called into their employer that “things” had gone smoothly and they were two hours out from delivering their cargo. Passing through Hemet the countryside turned to remote farm land and eventually they were driving on small two lane roads until arriving at an electrically operated gate that appeared very nondescript connected to everyday barbed wire fencing. Arriving at one of the ranch buildings they were met two women in their mid thirties and dressed for outdoor work.

Tanned and wearing faded jeans, work shirts, and western boots they approached the car and observed that the young man was still unconscious by opening his eyelids while assessing if he had any attentiveness. He was still completely out and with few words the two men and women determined it was safe to move him unshackled. The women went to work on the young man having long experience in this sort of thing. His shoes and socks were removed as well as his belt and tie. Next his pockets were emptied and his wallet, keys, and change placed to the side of the room.