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It all started with an insult. During Andrew Jackson’s 1828 presidential campaign, his political opponents labeled him a “jackass. Stubborn as he was, Jackson co-opted the insult and began putting a donkey on his election posters. For the rest american lion andrew jackson in the white house pdf his career and even into his retirement, newspapers and cartoonists continued to represent Jackson either as a stubborn ass or struggling to control one.

Almost 40 years later, the donkey was used to represent not just Jackson, but a larger group of Democrats. In 1874, the New York Herald loudly opposed the possibility of Ulysses S. Grant running for a third presidential term and cried Caesarism. Nast, a life-long Republican who’d become frustrated with his party, thought Republicans might fall for the scare tactic.

He drew another cartoon for Harper’s, again using a donkey to represent Democrats and adding an animal to symbolize Republicans. The Republicans lost control of the House of Representatives that November, and Nast bemoaned the defeat in another cartoon. It showed an elephant caught in a trap set by a donkey, and the lumbering confused behemoth of the Republican Party undone by the Herald’s scare tactics. Nast continued to use the elephant and the donkey in his cartoons, eventually having them represent the whole of his party and the opposition.

In March of 1877, after Republican Rutherford B. By 1880, other cartoonists had picked up the symbols and spread them across the country. Over a century later, their continued use in cartoons, party literature, campaign buttons and all sorts of political merchandise and propaganda has cemented the association between the parties and their animals. July 20, 1969, he inspired generations of ambitious people to reach for the stars in their own lives. HE KNEW HOW TO FLY BEFORE HE GOT A DRIVER’S LICENSE. Born August 5, 1930 in Wapakoneta, Ohio, Armstrong became preoccupied with aviation early on.

At around age 6, his father took him on a ride in a Ford Trimotor airplane, one of the most popular airplanes in the world. By age 15, he had accumulated enough flying lessons to command a cockpit, reportedly before he ever earned his driver’s license. When Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin touched down on the moon, hundreds of millions of television viewers were riveted. That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

But that’s not exactly what he said. WE DON’T HAVE A REALLY GOOD PICTURE OF HIM ON THE MOON. One of the most celebrated human achievements of the 20th century came at a time when video and still cameras were readily available—yet there are precious few images of Armstrong actually walking on the surface of the moon. Armstrong only appears as a reflection in his helmet. A DOOR HINGE MAY HAVE MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

Theories abound as to why it was Armstrong and not Buzz Aldrin who first set foot on the moon. On the Gemini missions, the co-pilot did the spacewalks, while the commander stayed in the craft. For Apollo 11, Armstrong was the commander. HE WAS MORE CONCERNED ABOUT LANDING ON THE MOON THAN HE WAS WALKING ON IT. The romantic notion of a human stepping foot on space soil captured imaginations, but for Armstrong, it was getting there in one piece that was the real accomplishment. The lunar module Armstrong controlled had to be brought down on the moon’s surface from 50,000 feet up, avoiding rocks, craters, and other obstacles as it jockeyed into a position for landing. When Armstrong surveyed the surface of the moon, he collected a bag of dust for NASA scientists to examine.

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Armstrong used to hold the samples. HE HAD TO SPEND THREE WEEKS IN QUARANTINE. Earth and were fetched by the USS Hornet, they got a king’s welcome. The only asterisk: They had to bask in their newfound fame from inside a sealed chamber.

HIS APOLLO SPACE SUIT WAS MADE BY PLAYTEX. NASA awarding them responsibility for the Apollo mission suits. Following his retirement from NASA in 1971, Armstrong was reticent to remain in the public eye. Demands for his time were everywhere, and he had little ambition to become a walking oral history of his singular achievement. Instead, he accepted a job as a professor of engineering at the University of Cincinnati and remained on the faculty for eight years. Hallmark was forced to defend itself when Armstrong took issue with the company using his name and likeness without permission for a 1994 Christmas ornament. Armstrong’s preference to lead a private life continued over the decades, but he did make one notable exception.