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All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. Lyrics provided for educational, rhythmic and personal use only. Please reference “Gary Miller of www. What may begin as personal notes can later be published, so please make reference to this site in all notes obtained here. To find the parents and siblings of Abraham Miller. Was he Irish, English or German?

A great deal of time, energy and travel have been expended researching the published claim that Abraham Miller is the son of Jacob Miller and grandson of Robert Miller and Ruth Haines of Chester County, Pennsylvania. While the paper trail and circumstantial evidence was compelling, the fact is that Abraham Miller was not a paternal descendent of Robert Miller. Jacob Miller purchased land from and next to Abraham Miller in 1806. He lived next to Abraham Miller until Abraham’s death. Jacob had been living in Moor Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania when he purchased that land.

Abraham’s first son, by his second wife, was named Jacob. A possible name of Abraham’s father is Jacob Miller. The source that inaccurately names Abraham the grandson of Robert Miller and Ruth Haines also states that his father was Jacob. It is possible that the researcher knew that Abraham’s father was Jacob and then made the incorrect assumption that it was the Jacob who was the son of Robert Miller and Ruth Haines.

Of course it is also very possible that the name Jacob was incorrect. English descent and her mother was a Quaker. The only name that does not appear in her family is William, Phebe’s second son. Her first son, John, was presumably named after her father.

There is a William Miller who owned a home in Bloom Twp. He does not appear to have been a farmer. So the most likely candidates for names for Abraham’s father are Jacob, William, and Abraham. Of course that is big speculation but it’s the best I’ve got so far. Prior to his marriage in 1782, nothing about Abraham Miller’s life is certain other than his birth date, which is listed on his tombstone. Revolutionary War: 7 women have filed DAR reports claiming that Abraham Miller was a member of First Company – West Bradford, Chester County Militia in 1781.

There is a John Kennedy in that company but the other men serving there are not names I recognize and research shows most remained in Chester County. John Kennedy was a common name and may or may not be the John Kennedy later living in Bloom Twp. Birthplace:  In 1887, while his son Abraham Jr. Maria Lowe stated that Abraham was from Chester County. Nationality: Abraham Miller and Phebe Webb were married by a German minister. It is possible that Abraham is German. It is possible that he was Irish or English.

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