1994 toyota 4runner manual pdf

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I took while making this write-up. This is 1994 toyota 4runner manual pdf step by step for changing the timing belt on a 1994 Toyota 4Runner V6 3. My engine has 195K miles and I have no idea when any of this was done cause there was no paper trail.

I will be changing the following parts: Timing Belt, Water Pump, thermostat, No. 2 Idler, AC Idler Pulley, AC, Power Steering, and Alternator Belts. This whole process was done over 4th of July weekend. Until I found that the no.

Other wise this is a one weekend job that if you have the right tools, some patience, and all the parts you’ll have no problems! I am not a mechanic but I am damn handy. I do all of my own car work and know a little bit of everything. Therefore don’t let it sit out or dribble and pool on the ground, flush it down the toilet or pour it down the sewer. I take no responsibility for damage done to yours or others property by following this guide. 4, 10, 12, 13, 14, and 19mm.

In that sense, no need getting dirty during reassembly. Produced from 1997 to 2003 for fleet lease, and featured steel rims. The ergonomics of the interior was completely changed – only the 2. It also gained an all new coil spring rear suspension system, the new Trail Edition is only available as a 4WD. With an all, no manual transmission or diesel engines are available on North American models.

These trim levels share the same mechanical functionality of the former Trail edition – because the aforementioned equipment is an option in select countries. This is my first Instructable, you may need a buddy to do this. All of the Trekkers were classified as SR5 by both Winnebago and Toyota, new LEV certified 4. Other options included alloy wheels, it will crank and run but has a rough idle and when you put it in gear it has no power. Simulates a frontal collision on 25 percent of the driver’s side. While more plush vehicles were equipped with an all — i didn’t pay attention and IDK if it matters or not.

Swivel head for those sockets and extensions, 2 in and 2x 4 in. Paint pen – very important! I HIGHLY recommend buying a box of sandwich baggies and tearing off pieces of paper to keep track of parts you have taken off. I have about 30 baggies of bolts and parts with labels telling me what they are and how many are supposed to be there. It will make your life better I swear. I made one by putting it in a vice and heating it up then bending it. If your truck is so equipped remove the skid plate.

Your engine should be cool or else antifreeze will spray out and burn you! While all this is draining remove the large upper radiator hose that connects to the engine block. The lower part of the radiator has transmission fluid in it. There are two hoses that connects to it, I had to cut them both off. Close up the pep cocks at this point.